Vision & Mission

Vision: To become the best of high quality passenger transportation company in the South and after that we aim to become the best transportation company in Vietnam.

 Mission: Kumho Samco Buslines was established with a mission to serve all passengers who want to travel by quality means, professional drivers, safety, punctuality, and to be served by the attendants in a friendly way. All of them can present our responsibility to the Sector of Road Transport. Our company desires that Kumho Samco can become a strong brand name toward the customers.

The serving customers standards of Kumho Samco Buslines

The main value of our company: Our company has been building up the main value based on the following criteria:
- Motto: "Doing business due to the happiness of customers" – we take the ethicality and credibility as a foundation of business, always listen to all suggestions to improve, develop, pursue, and perform what we have committed.
- Benefits of customers: We always promote the benefits of customers, consider the benefits of customers as the foundation for the existence and development of the company. Our company operates due to customers, closely connecting with customers, treasuring customers, providing our customers products and service with the quality suitable for the customers’ needs so that we can ensure our customers to be satified.
- To respect and to encourage creativity and scientism of the whole staff: we have built up a professional, sociable, and cordial working environment. Moreover, we care about the physical life as well as the psychology one of our staff. Furthermore, we always encourage the staff to make innovative and creative working solutions. We consider each employee to be a living cell of company.
- Quality of products: We focus on the quality of service to customer to satify more than what customers expect from us. Serving customers is the responsibility of every member in our company.
 - Success: Our success is measured by two aspects, there are:
+ The customes’ consider that Kumho Samco Buslines is the best choice of them.
+ Our staff claim that they are proud of being a member of Kumho Samco Busslines.