Company Overview

KUMHO SAMCO BUSLINES Co., Ltd. was established by Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO) and Kumho Construction & Engineering (H.K) Limited (KUMHO) on November 12nd, 2007 and issued by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City with the Certificate No.411022000141. At the beginning, this company was called Kumho Samco Express Co., Ltd., and after that it has been renamed KUMHO SAMCO BUSLINES Co., Ltd., up to now.

On November 28th, 2007, at The Eastern Terminal, there was the opening ceremony of Kumho Samco Express Co., Ltd. which is the joint venture Company formed between Vietnam and Korea and provides the Interprovincial passenger transportation service based on fixed schedule.

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Having been established when the economic in the world is stuck in crisis and also influential in the economic of Vietnam, we have confronted many difficulties to set the company operating effectively. Besides, we have been using the saving policy to reduce management expenses, advertising expenses, etc. In addition, one of the strenghs of our company is the attitude toward customers following the Motto "warming as family, friendliness as friends". Especially, we provide many employment opportunities to many people, solving the problem that there are a large number of unused labors in the society. These are opportunites for the people who are active and enthusiastic to contribute themselves to the benefits not only of their personal but also of the company and of the society.
After opening, the company has gone into business with 40 high quality bus (kind of HINO 46 seat bus produced by SAMCO in 2007) running on the route from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet, from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, and from Ho Chi Minh City to Buon Me Thuot.

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1. Introduction
- Company’s Trade Name: KUMHO SAMCO BUSLINES Co., Ltd..
- Address: 292, Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
- Phone: (08)-3511 4648            - Fax: (08)-3511 4617
- Switchboard booking: 08-35112112 - Hotline: 0903 58 00 00
Vietnam-Republic of Korea joint venture company KUMHO SAMCO BUSLINES has two member: Kumho Group and Samco Company, with total capital of $7.5 millions at that time, specifically Samco has 51% and Kumho has 49% ratio of joint stock.

 2. Activities
- Interprovincial passenger transportation service based on fixed schedule by bus.
- Merchandises transportation service by road.
- Car rental according to the contract (with the driver’s service).
- Car rental.
- Traveling service and operating inbound tour service.
- Vehicles Repair and Maintenance service.
- Passengers transporting by bus.
The operating system of the our company is that the company has many branches in some provinces and they are located in bus stations or near the bus stations at every province.

 3. Recent activities
The company has been operating more than 3 years so far, during the time of forming and developing, our company has gone through many ups and downs along with the world wide economic crisis,. Having obtained the significant achievements up to now is the result of the considerable effort of the fouders in the construction and development this company, they are the investors, the council members, the board of directors and all staff of the company.
Though there are many difficulties, our company still operates following to the defined purpose properly. The advantage of the company is inherited both the management methods and experience from the transportation parents group. Moreover, we have the young staff who are knowledgable, active, enthusiastic to assure that our company is able to satisfy all needs of our customers.
In the way of development, the company has completed step by step following to standards of typical business:

"The company is reliable, to develop a stable platform
To respect the prestige, to bring happiness to customers
To fulfill the obligations of a business
To dedicate the whole role and having the responsibility to society. "

Nowadays, the company is not only expanding to operate in the fixed schedule routes in provinces such as PhnomPenh, Vung Tau, Buon Me Thuot, the Western Provinces, etc but also enhancing to serve the tourists and the contracted passengers. We also provide other services such as transfering merchandises, expressing mail as well as providing the staff transport service in the industrial parks, picking up customers from Tan Son Nhat airport to the hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Having a large number of vehicles, powerful finance and prestigious brand name in transportation in the South region and experience in the transportation field along with the young, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff, Kumho Samco company affords to satify every your need about transportation.

 4. Investment plans
Our company considers that investment including vehicles, facilities and human resources. Based on the growth rate of the company every year and the stable finance ability, our company keeps on purchasing new vehicles, remodel and beautify the waiting house for customers. The company has always held regular training program for staff, given care to the drivers, attendants who serve customers directly and play an important role in maintaining and improving the brand of company. Investment opinion of the company is in deep and stable.

 5. Some risks for corporate objective
a.    Economic Risk
Lately, Vietnam's economy has been facing many difficulties, the growth rate reaches around 7.1% to 7.7%, the fuel price has raised to continuously and this is the reason why the price of other items also increases, that increase is difficult to the transportation. On the other hand, although the income of the people is improved, it still is not high, so the customers’ also needs reduce, the movement and traveling is only essential needs. All of them have made the income and the profit of the company decrease.

b.    Interest rate risk
Because economic situation has developed unstablely, the government has to use a new policy and many methods to control macroeconomic.  It is difficult to predict the interest rate. Besides, the company is operating with the financing credit supporting, so the company will be affected upon the interest rate changes. As a result, it will effect to the business operations of the company.